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The effects of trauma hide within the body.


As a practitioner, you are likely familiar with symptoms in your clients and students that appear to be unrest, disease, or emotional reactivity.


These symptoms often have their roots in a traumatic accident, incident, or a long-term problematic situation.


I can support you in helping your clients and students live fully in the present, rather than being triggered, driven by symptoms of the past.  You can develop the subtle skills needed to successfully guide clients through gentle and effective practices.


With the tools offered via Trauma-Informed Yoga along with my expert consulting and training, you can gain the professional confidence and agility necessary to help restore your clients’ and students’ well-being.


The Adopted Teen Workbook Curriculum Training



  • Agencies that want to start or enhance a teen or parent co-regulation group or post-adoption support event.

  • Mental health professionals who want to incorporate somatic awareness, sensory processing, communications skills, managing triggers, yoga, intuition, nature, developmental trauma techniques, meditation, self –care, trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness into their practice.

  • Therapists working with the irrevocable loss of International adoptees.

  • Parents and professionals seeking to adapt the book for a special needs teen.

  • Young adult adoptees, mentors or teens that want support to deepen their experience and understanding of the book.


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  • Schedule Barbara to do a training at your agency

  • Set up an online mini-training or consult through Zoom

  • Attend a local training



  • Gain competence and confidence to teach the trauma-informed exercises.

  • Adjust for teens in foster care or guardianship settings and varied ages.

  • Incorporate strategies from developmental trauma theory.

  • Manage triggers with somatic movement and sensory strategies.

  • Adapt activities for teens with executive function issues.

  • Lower stress, build resilience and joy for families and staff.



After 40 years as an Occupational Therapist, raising an adopted daughter and accompanying her on her birth search journey to Russia, I decided to write The Adopted Teen Workbook, and help teens with their feelings of abandonment and search for identity.




My service includes a comprehensive consult to identify in what areas the parent, teen or child needs help. That might include sensory processing, executive functioning, and social-emotional issues.  


I then create strategies and an action plan, tailored to the teen or the family, that can be implemented immediately.  Short or long-term consulting is available.



Parenting is just plain hard, and being an adoptee or an adoptive parent brings its own set of challenges and joys. Children and teens who have experienced adoption, foster care or guardianship and have sensory,  trauma and attachment issues, have a unique set of needs.  


My skills as an Occupational Therapist, an adoptive parent, a trauma survivor, practitioner of Mind-Body studies and yoga brings a multifaceted holistic approach to the problem. 


I embrace a trauma-informed, evidence-based approach that incorporates meditation, finding joy, physical movement, creative endeavors, time in nature, faith,  community, healthy eating, and positive thinking.  These evidence-based strategies work for the adoptee or family. They can help your brain to manage emotions, heal grief, self regulate and right yourself for the path to grow and thrive at your own pace.


Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness for Mental Health Professionals


What is Trauma-Informed Yoga and how can it help my clients and myself?


Barbara teaches interoceptive awareness of the body. This is an approach that honors clients at their pace of comfort and tolerance. Using the breath, somatic exercise, and tuning into sensations safely, this exploration takes into account issues of self-regulation, trauma, and abuse. Autism spectrum disorders and executive function can also be addressed with this approach.

This training is open to professionals who would like to learn about this practice of internal sensing of the body. Barbara will be sharing the experiential work based on neuroscience, yoga and Body Mind Centering®. She teaches practitioners how to create a safe and supportive space for clients while exploring these feeling, mind and body states. She will be sharing how to deepen the exploration with movement, sounding, breathing, exploring our anatomy, meditation, yoga and guided imagery. Barbara will be teaching in-depth some of the activities from her new book. This is an experiential workshop. All therapists OT, PT, SP and teachers are welcome in this course.

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Mindfulness and Yoga Skills Classroom Curriculum

for Children and Adolescents


Barbara will be teaching elements of trauma-informed yoga with applications for self-regulation, special needs, anxiety, sensory issues, and autism spectrum disorders. Participants will be trained in a yoga and mindfulness curriculum with specific interventions for children and adolescents. Barbara’s book will be required reading. A workbook curriculum guide will be given to participants of the course. Participants will be trained to deliver a step by step curriculum on mindfulness and trauma-informed yoga for children and adolescents.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Meditation and yoga at the desk or in a chair can have lasting implications for improved outcomes at work by managing emotions, giving breaks to the physical body, improving focus and reducing stress. In this training, Barbara teaches how to create “Yoga Moments” and “Mindfulness Pauses” to break the cycle of non-productive stress.

Attunement Lifestyle Profile: Cultivating Balance

Learn to assist clients to manage sensory issues, trauma, stress and build a healthy lifestyle with yoga and mindfulness strategies using a self-processing tool for clients. This 60 plus question profile divided into sections of home and family, weekends, workplace, spirituality and health helps identify key areas of stress. Therapists learn how to offer choices of interventions that help the client to feel comfortable, manage emotions and empower a healthy lifestyle based on yoga psychology and mindfulness.

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