It's a COVID summer

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It’s a COVID summer. How are you doing? It’s better than school I’m sure!

During COVID, communication for families is better with co regulation. Use your senses, body language, affect and listening skills to connect.

During COVID kids expressed feelings with noisy screams and screeches, toys thrown down or doors slammed. Kids are frustrated. They pull away and pout. A parent or child says, “I don’t want to talk”. There might be disappointment, anger, hours of video games or tantrums at the slightest change of plans. It might be hard to determine what escalated the meltdown. Getting as much outside and physical play as possible can help modulate the underlying stress of accepting COVID.

In COVID a child or parent might mask the sadness. Stares off into space, low feelings, might hide the concern about jobs, school, and health. We don’t have a map for the future and feel anxiety and lose sleep. It’s not easy.

Co-regulation during COVID requires listening more compassionately. Within all of us is the triggered part that we need to disarm. Meditation or physical work or play helps develop the muscle of witnessing feelings and thoughts. Open -eyed meditation can be done walking on a trail dragging a stick, observing nature, being silent, washing dishes, hitting a ball against a wall, digging up weeds in the garden, or sitting on a porch looking at the sky. It doesn’t have to be complicated; just cultivate quiet time, reading, riding bikes, hiking, pressing play dough, heavy chores, cooking.

I’ve recently learned a new strategy. Practice a kind response when a child shares something upsetting. I give a simple response of “that stinks” and keep listening.

Be a friend. Imitate and join in on what the child is experiencing.

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