Anxiety to Safety with Returning to Learning: 12 Strategies

School is about to start. Whether you are doing remote at home, daycare, pod or attending in person there will be a new normal for both parents and children.

Its time to morph from the playfulness of summer to a more structured learning that allows for continued play, time outdoors, sensory interventions when needed and lots of communication between parents and kids. Lets learn to co-regulate so we can move smoothly into the Fall learning period. See my gift at the end of blog.

Here are a few quick tips:

1) Plan a routine that meets your child’s needs for physical and sensory play throughout the day. Avoid too much additional computer time.

2) Have healthy snacks around and available for the whole family.

3) Take the time to ask your child what gets them prepared to learn.

4) Expect residue feelings from the experience of prior remote school.

5) Find a way to talk, move, connect and imagine your way out of the stress of this new normal. See the My Calm Place card deck.

6) Before online school hour try yoga, play dough, a jumping jack or throw a ball.

7) Get up from sitting as often as possible and move.

8) Create a way to communicate before a meltdown occurs for parents or kids.

9) Learn how to elicit what’s stressing the child about remote learning.

10) Understand what your child’s triggers are and when that triggers you.

11) Structure in “unstructured time”, outdoor play, and physical activity and allow the child to regroup after the stress of being online.

12) Practice compassion and a sense of humor for the moment we are in.

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