Frazzled to Focused:Tips for Businesswomen. Back to School in COVID.

Lets succeed.

This Fall is stressful and anxiety producing for everyone. Every working person shares the stress of figuring out how to work remotely or in person during the pandemic. Businesswomen or/and parents, you will want to be prepared.

Here are 5 tips to get your Focus on!!!!

Help your family, and co-workers manage their emotions.

When someone complains, connect with eye contact and validate with a simple response like “that stinks” or words you use to mirror their affect and listen. Kids might have anxiety anticipating school. In person learning might be disappointing with masks and 6 feet apart. Co-workers may have regrets about summer.

2) Start now to mentally organize your flexible Fall routine.

What does the family need, from the clothing, devices to learning style . When are bath, dressing, meals ? If you are single what changes will the Fall bring? Do parents need help for Dr. visits, or grocery delivery? Will your work shifts change or impact sleep? Will friends relocate back to the city?

3) Get smart with food preparation

Whether you are a businesswoman living alone or a family of 4, food and shopping during COVID takes more time. Streamline your shopping and re-organize the pantry to grab what you need easily. Let kids help make their lunch box in the evening and retrieve it if schooling remotely. You can take a minute for self-care.

4) Prioritize outside play with your learning style in your weekly routine

Maintain outdoor physically active play. Children learn by integrating their minds and bodies through hiking, biking, running, jumping, climbing or outdoor chores. When driving to the store, stop at the park. Schedule it! Your children’s brains will appreciate it and be more focused. Maybe you can get a walk in too !

5) Anticipate changes in Sleep with the transition to school and Fall.

Losing sleep can make everyone cranky. Slowly transition. Expect the Unexpected! Staying flexible will make it easier for all. Enjoy these last weeks of summer.

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