Barbara gives trainings and does phone and video consulting, as well as speaking at events


Barbara not only teaches and gives workshops to larger groups, but you can also have Barbara consult with you one-on one via phone or video call, and you can also have her come and speak to your business, practice or small group. Get in touch now to learn more about how she can help.

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Barbara helps kids move, get strong and be their best. Contact Barbara to schedule an appointment. (845) 796-6460

 Holistic Pediatric Occupational Therapy Office


5 Academy St., New Paltz, NY

- handwriting

- sensory processing

- self regulation

- growth and fine motor skills

- mindfulness & yoga for children

The Adopted Teen Workbook Curriculum Training


A great resource for:

  •     Agencies

  •     Mental health professionals

  •     Therapists 

  •     Parents and professionals

  •     Young adult adoptees, mentors or teens

Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness for Mental Health Professionals


This is an approach that honors clients at their pace of comfort and tolerance. Using the breath, somatic exercise, and tuning into sensations safely, this exploration takes into account issues of self-regulation, trauma, and abuse. Autism spectrum disorders and executive function can also be addressed with this approach.

Mindfulness and Yoga Skills Classroom Curriculum for Children and Adolescents


Barbara will be teaching elements of trauma-informed yoga with applications for self-regulation, special needs, anxiety, sensory issues, and autism spectrum disorders. Participants will be trained in a yoga and mindfulness curriculum with specific interventions for children and adolescents. Barbara’s book will be required reading. A workbook curriculum guide will be given to participants of the course. Participants will be trained to deliver a step by step curriculum on mindfulness and trauma-informed yoga for children and adolescents.









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