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Mindful Productivity Support for Professionals and Families

Coaching for individuals and businesses to improve focus and fulfillment during stressful times.
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Work with Barbara on your family, personal, or professional productivity issues and reclaim the focus

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Barbara gives trainings and does phone and video consulting, as well as speaking at events


Barbara not only teaches and gives workshops to larger groups, but you can also have Barbara consult with you one-on one via phone or video call, and you can also have her come and speak to your business, practice or small group. Get in touch now to learn more about how she can help.

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From Frazzled to Focused:

10 Productivity Strategies Working through a Pandemic for Professionals and Families


Build your Productivity Platform.  Choose Focused.

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Getting in Sync

      with your Child

                 and Yourself

We will explore a simple understanding of how the brain operates when in survival mode and what the triggered parent and child feels.

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Self Resiliency

How to teach self resiliency strategies to parents, children and professionals.


Exactly what I am looking for to expand on my service delivery in outpatients pediatrics with kids on the spectrum, and for their families.

Best yoga and Mindfulness session that I’ve ever been to. Excellent- will take information to my students.

Loved this session. As a yoga teacher of 15 years and a OTA student I learned a lot. Specifically, how to incorporate my experience into my new career. Awesome presenter.

I felt calmed and called to reflection by going through the questions and images (in the Attunement Lifestyle Profile Questionnaire).  There was a meditative quality to the way Barbara presents. The questionnaire was gentle and helped me consider how I could bring harmony and balance to my clients and my own life.

I enjoyed hearing Barbara’s personal stories and examples of real individuals she knows who certain techniques have been beneficial for. It helped me be able to connect the ideas to specific individuals in my mind as well.  I also enjoyed hearing her different perspectives and that she emphasized that there are many ways to look at the topic.

The imagery session was really cool to experience and I liked hearing how yoga could be applied to different goals and settings. I personally appreciated the breathing exercise to reset.



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Barbara Neiman is an Integrative Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher RYT200, and Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner.  She began her practice of meditation in 1974, and later attended Boston University and San Jose State University in Occupational Therapy. She then started her own company, Health Discovery, in 1988; a consulting company for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy in New York City. Later moving to Sullivan and then Ulster counties, she managed her company for 12 years. This included school-based services, early intervention, preschool, language and music groups for toddlers, and trainings for staff who serve children as well as adults. 

She has since coached families and children with special needs, trauma, autism and sensory processing issues on a path to wellness, offering unique phone coaching for families, for stress management, and sensory strategies; and individual treatment for children with sensory issues. In addition, Barbara presents local and national seminars on adoption issues, trauma-informed yoga, and mindfulness. 

Barbara’s program on Trauma-Informed Yoga was developed from her practice as a holistic occupational therapist, studies in yoga, as well as her work with adolescent psychiatry, and her certification with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen at The School for Body-Mind Centering® in 1989. In addition, she certified with Patty Townsend of Embodyoga in 200 YTT. Barbara experienced trauma in adolescence that led her toward spiritual exploration and study with masters of bodywork, psychology and meditation studies for over 40 years. She lived in India for a year and a half; studied the ancient scriptures, and worked on a rural hospital bus. Barbara is an adoptive parent, and the author of  the new book, The Adopted Teen Workbook. Throughout her career, she has supported adoptive families through consulting as well as through trainings. She has been working with clients for 40 years, specializing in special-needs children, as well as families.  


Mental health professionals, therapists, first responders, administrators, school and yoga teachers benefit from her trainings. Barbara teaches internal sensing, breathing, somatic and movement work that guides a client in a safe comfortable exploration of emotional trauma held in the body. She shares short, safe, guided meditation, exploring body systems with movement, gentle yoga, breathing, sound, and hands-on tools. 

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