Yoga of Daily Life talk 3/9/16

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Please see the Store tab to purchase the Yoga of Daily Living Talk by Barbara Neiman from a tele-summit on the Yoga of Daily Living. In this talk Barbara Neiman offers clear steps to using yoga principles and mindfulness activities to help children and families in a complex and challenging time which she coins the term “collective trauma”. Click on the store tab to hear this talk.

Major features

Breathing techniques

What is Trauma Informed yoga

What is “collective trauma” Listen to Barbara give her explanation and solutions for  the challenges that families and children are facing today with the digital lifestyle and speeded up work/life balance

Bringing yoga into your daily life off of the mat.

Go to the store tab to purchase this talk.


Barbara Neiman
As an Integrative Occupational Therapist, Certified Body-Mind Centering Practitioner, and author of Mindfulness & Yoga Skills for Children & Adolescents, Barbara thrives by facilitating people's self-trust, heightened sensory attunement, and subtle shifts in daily habits. A longtime teacher and trainer, she also trains other professionals in using Trauma-Informed Yoga to aid others to come home to their bodies. 845-796-6460 or
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