Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness for Mental Health Professionals

What is Trauma Informed Yoga and how can it help my clients and myself? Barbara teaches interoceptive awareness of the body. This is an approach that honors clients at their pace of comfort and tolerance. Using the breath, somatic exercise, and tuning into sensations safely, this exploration takes into account issues of self-regulation, trauma, and abuse. Autism spectrum disorders, and executive function can also be addressed with this approach.

This training is open to professionals who would like to learn about this practice of internal sensing of the body. Barbara will be sharing the experiential work based on neuroscience, yoga and Body Mind Centering®. She teaches practitioners how to create a safe and supportive space for clients while exploring these feeling, mind and body states. She will be sharing how to deepen the exploration with movement, sounding, breathing, exploring our anatomy, meditation, yoga and guided imagery. Barbara will be teaching in depth some of the activities from her new book. This is an experiential workshop. All therapists OT, PT, SP and teachers are welcome in this course.

“I enjoyed hearing Barbara’s personal stories and examples of real individuals she knows who certain techniques have been beneficial for. It helped me be able to connect the ideas to specific individuals in my mind as well.  I also enjoyed hearing her different perspectives and that she emphasized that there are many ways to look at the topic.”

“Loved this session. As a yoga teacher of 15 years and a OTA student I learned a lot. Specifically, how to incorporate my experience into my new career. Awesome presenter.”

Mindfulness and Yoga Skills Classroom Curriculum for Children and Adolescents

Barbara will be teaching elements of Trauma informed yoga with applications for self-regulation, special needs, anxiety, sensory issues and autism spectrum disorders. Participants will be trained in a yoga and mindfulness curriculum with specific interventions for children and adolescents. Barbara’s book will be required reading. A workbook curriculum guide will be given to participants of the course. Participants will be trained to deliver a step by step curriculum on mindfulness and trauma informed yoga for children and adolescents.

“Exactly what I am looking for to expand on my service delivery in outpatients ped’s with kids on the spectrum and for their families.”

“The imagery session was really cool to experience and I liked hearing how yoga could be applied to different goals and settings. I personally appreciated the breathing exercise to reset.”


Mindfulness and Trauma Informed Yoga for First Responders

Research shows that mindfulness, meditation and yoga reduces stress, creates more grey matter in the brain and improves focus. Learning to practice meditation and yoga can offer first responders irreversible tools to manage stress at home and on the job.

“Best yoga and Mindfulness session that I’ve ever been to. Excellent- will take information to my students”  ~OT

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Meditation and yoga at the desk or in a chair has lasting implications for improved outcomes at work by managing emotions, giving breaks to the physical body, improving focus and reducing stress. In this training Barbara teaches how to create “Yoga Moments” and “Mindfulness Pauses” to break the cycle of non-productive stress.

Attunement Lifestyle Profile: Cultivating Balance

Learn to assist clients to manage sensory issues, trauma, stress and build a healthy lifestyle with yoga and mindfulness strategies using a self-processing tool for clients. This 60 plus question profile divided into sections of home and family, weekends, workplace, spirituality and health helps identify key area’s of stress. Therapists learn how to offer choices of interventions that help the client to feel comfortable, manage emotions and empower a healthy lifestyle based on yoga psychology and mindfulness.

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From an attendee of the St. Louis Yoga and Mindfulness: Brain Body Tools for children and adolescents seminar where the Lifestyle questionnaire was presented.

“I felt calmed and called to reflection by going through the questions and images.  There was a meditative quality to the way Barbara presents. The questionnaire was gentle and helped me consider how I could bring harmony and balance to my clients and my own life.”

~Eileen from St. Louis