My Calm Place: Building skills for Tolerance, Kindness and Focus Online Group Class Starts January 27 2017


Time Frame: Jan 27th –Feb 24th and ongoing.
This course will take place in a private Facebook group via video and posts.
Each week’s topic is from Movement, Imagination, Meditation, and Connection cards.

Video teaching topics include:

  • Self-regulation
  • Building focus, kindness, tolerance
  • Identity issues in adoption and adolescence
  • Somatic techniques to develop a safe body space
  • Meditation
  • Social skills
  • Positive Psychology and more.

I will post a short video (10-15 min) each week in the private Facebook group page on each Friday beginning Jan. 27th. The video will be a teaching unit and activity drawing from the My Calm Place card deck and from my Mindfulness and Yoga Skills book, and the new book on Adoption for teens. Then the participants can share in the private Facebook group their experiences practicing the techniques with their clients, families and for themselves and add anything else they wish to share with the group. The group is private and only available to people that join the course and group.

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