Partner Yoga- The Square

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When you need a lift, try a partner yoga pose. It can give the therapist a break as you do your breathing and regroup for the next activity. Partner yoga offers the children many fun skills and can meet therapy goals.


  • Build Social skills
  • Follow directions
  • Complete a Forward bend
  • Practice Core tone for the Abdominals
  • Improve Lifting the legs
  • Take the opportunity to work through sensory issues
  • Implement turn taking for the standing and floor position.

Directions for Partner Yoga Pose: The Square

  • One person lies on the floor and lifts their legs and extends their arms
  • The other person stands at the top of their head
  • The standing person does the forward bend and holds the ankles
  • The person on the floor extends their arms to hold the ankles of the one standing
  • To build social skills, you can invite the children to discuss a fun topic like their favorite foods or activities.
  • Use a timer for 1-2 minute to hold the posture, or to the clients tolerance
  • Repeat and allow each person to do both parts.
  • Discuss how the activity was for everyone.

Adaptations- If you can’t do this as a partner pose

  • Do legs against the wall, chair or ball
  • Do a forward bend towards the wall, arms extended


Barbara Neiman, OTR, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and Body Mind Centering Practitioner, is a National Presenter for Pesi. She offers courses and coaching online and in person to schools and agencies around the country. Register on the schedule at for her upcoming 2 day in depth trainings in July on holistic assessment and trauma in New Paltz NY. Find her recorded talks on the shop tab. See her online schedule to sign up for a free 15 min consult or to schedule a coaching hour appointment.

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