Melt The Grumpy- A Somatic Activity for Self-Regulation

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Please enjoy the Pesi blog about shifting your emotional state: “Melt The Grumpy.”

“Melt the Grumpy” is a somatic activity to help shift your emotional state with physical movement, breathing and imagery.
When you are feeling irritable, or just not happy, swing both of your arms at thigh level one side to the other across your midline. This motion helps break up postural patterns and muscular tension.

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This features an activity from the “My Calm Place” card deck. These make excellent xmas gifts for stocking stuffers and adults are raving about them. Have fun with it!!

Barbara Neiman
As an Integrative Occupational Therapist, Certified Body-Mind Centering Practitioner, and author of Mindfulness & Yoga Skills for Children & Adolescents, Barbara thrives by facilitating people's self-trust, heightened sensory attunement, and subtle shifts in daily habits. A longtime teacher and trainer, she also trains other professionals in using Trauma-Informed Yoga to aid others to come home to their bodies. 845-796-6460 or
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