Inviting Blessing for our Russian Journey

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On June 13th, my daughter and I will embark on a journey to her visit her Russia heritage. We have been planning this trip for a year and it is the culmination of dreams, trauma, expectations, sorrow, remembrance and now excitement for both of us. We will be visiting many places and people from her childhood.

My last visit to Russia was in 1996 to adopt my daughter who was 3. She now is 23 and has memories from her life there. This will be her first trip back and it is very emotional and exciting.

I wanted to share this sacred trip and excitement with all of you and invite your blessing for our journey. It truly feels that it will be life transforming for both of us.

When we return I will write a blog about the trip, what we have learned about adoption and about accompanying my daughter as the adoptive parent in a birth search. I am hoping she will also share about her adoption experience.

Sending joy to all as we end the school year and look forward to a more easeful summer. I hope you will join me in taking a moment to appreciate yourself and your families and hug them and celebrate how truly awesome they are.

Barbara Neiman

Barbara Neiman
As an Integrative Occupational Therapist, Certified Body-Mind Centering Practitioner, and author of Mindfulness & Yoga Skills for Children & Adolescents, Barbara thrives by facilitating people's self-trust, heightened sensory attunement, and subtle shifts in daily habits. A longtime teacher and trainer, she also trains other professionals in using Trauma-Informed Yoga to aid others to come home to their bodies. 845-796-6460 or
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  • Regina Rosenthal

    Blessings on this most sacred journey. Love, Light and prayers your way
    Regina Rosenthal

  • Ani

    Hi Barbara, (We crossed paths long ago at SMA in the Catskill Mountains.)

    What a lovely and serene website this is. I found my way here, following a trail to Sheila Lewis’ new card deck for children, delightfully surprised to find you and your offerings!

    I was also moved by your request for blessings on this important journey. I wonder if you are still on your journey or back already? Would be lovely to hear about your experience with your daughter on your Russian trip together.

    Please share with us!

    Many many blessings!

    Ani (Satyarupa) Tuzman

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