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Sensory Strategies Coaching:

Stress management for parents of children and adolescents with processing issues. Simplifying stress supports the child.

  • Get parental phone support
  • Apply a practical sensory diet
  • Simplify routines with mindfulness
  • Implement easeful parenting

Professional Coaching:

Creating an Integrative Practice: Mindfulness, Trauma Informed Yoga and Somatic Strategies

  • Structure and Implement an Integrative Practice
  • Assimilate Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga into your Practice
  • Implement the Attunement Yoga Questionnaire: Cultivating Balance

Executive and Business Coaching:

Manage stress and improve outcomes.

  • Improve Executive Skills with Mindfulness
  • Incorporate Stress Management techniques
  • Self- regulation strategies for emotions, difficult people and deadlines.

4-Month Coaching Packages available for $650 per month.

1.5 hours phone call or in person session per week for 4 months

“I thought your course was great. It brought sensory processing to people’s everyday lives (which made it understandable to non-OT’s and parents but also included practical information that can be used with clients).”

~A.G.  OTR from Kentucky

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to you and your strategies and suggestions were really helpful!  I especially perked up when you started talking about nutrition as a key component to overall health and proper sensory balance.”

~K. and OTR from “Sensory Processing Disorder and Solutions” Course 2013