Change movement patterns with Revolved half Moon pose

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Unknown-1In class, a student said she never felt her body rotate as much as this position creates. That is truly one of the brilliant aspects of yoga. It can break up familiar patterns of movement and thought and create a total change in the body. I used an adapted yoga approach with a chair to work the student’simages-19  way slowly to this pose. Starting with half moon against the wall and then using the seat of the chair instead of stressing to steady oneself on the floor, the students began with the hands evenly on the seat of the chair facing them, focusing on balance. Working slowly to gain the maximum balance and rotation with organ support, the students shifted the weight bearing arm to the center of the chair, while raising the other arm. We found the adaptation of the chair could maximize the rotation through the trunk and give stability for balance.

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Barbara Neiman
As an Integrative Occupational Therapist, Certified Body-Mind Centering Practitioner, and author of Mindfulness & Yoga Skills for Children & Adolescents, Barbara thrives by facilitating people's self-trust, heightened sensory attunement, and subtle shifts in daily habits. A longtime teacher and trainer, she also trains other professionals in using Trauma-Informed Yoga to aid others to come home to their bodies. 845-796-6460 or
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