About Barbara

Barbara Neiman is an Integrative Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher RYT200, and Certified Body Mind Centering® Practitioner. She began her practice of meditation in 1974. She attended Boston University and San Jose State University in Occupational Therapy and practiced for 40 years specializing in special needs children and families. She currently has a practice in Early Intervention and Preschool children in New Paltz, NY.

Barbara is an adoptive parent and the author of  The Adopted Teen Workbook. She coaches and supports adoptive families.

Barbara presents local and national seminars on adoption issues, trauma informed yoga, and mindfulness. Barbara’s book on Mindfulness and yoga skills for children and adolescents: 115 Activities for Trauma, Self Regulation, Special Needs and Anxiety was published in Mar 2015 and My Calm Place card deck in 2017.

Barbara experienced trauma in adolescence that led her to a spiritual exploration and study with masters of bodywork, psychology and meditation studies for over 40 years. She lived in India for 1.5 years, studied the ancient scriptures and worked on a rural hospital bus.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Barbara’s program in “Trauma Informed Yoga “ was developed from her practice as a holistic occupational therapist; studies in yoga, her work with adolescent psychiatry and her certification with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen at The School for Body Mind Centering® in 1989. She certified with Patty Townsend of Embodyoga in 200 YTT.

Mental health professionals, therapists, first responders, administrators, school and yoga teachers attend her trainings. Barbara teaches internal sensing, breathing, somatic and movement work that guides a client in a safe comfortable exploration of emotional trauma held in the body. She shares short safe guided meditation, exploring body systems with movement, gentle yoga, breathing, sound and hands on.


Integrative Occupational Therapy

Barbara has coached families and children with special needs, trauma, autism and sensory processing issues on a path to wellness for 35 years. She offers a unique phone coaching for families for stress management and sensory strategies and individual treatment for children with sensory issues.

Barbara started her own company Health Discovery in 1988 a Contracting and Consulting Company for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy in NYC. Later moving to Sullivan and Ulster counties, she managed her company for 12 years, including school based services, early intervention and preschool, language and music groups for toddlers, and trainings for staff serving children through adults.